Pioneer Cemeteries and Their Stories,

Madison County, Indiana

Fausset Cemetery

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Green Township

Location: north side of CR 1025 (Reformatory Road), between SR 13 and bridge crossing Lick Creek


    The Fausset Cemetery is a burial ground for one of the prominent families of Green Township in its early years.  In particular, Robert Fausset, whose gravestone says he was eighty-eight when he died in 1873, is singled out by the 1880 History of Madison County, Indiana as an example of the industrious, hard-working early settler.  He is also pictured on page 87 of that book.  Robert was born in Delaware.  Adventuresome, he constructed a flat bottom boat to take his family down the Ohio River.  He and his family stayed in Ohio for four years.  Robert was drafted for the War of 1812 but found a substitute.  He arrived in Madison County, via Franklin County, in 1839, purchased 160 acres in Green Township on Lick Creek, and built a sawmill which helped him acquire a considerable fortune for himself and his adult children.  He is buried in his family graveyard along with his two wives: Anna who died in 1840 and Elizabeth who died in 1864. 

    John K. Fausset, also buried at the Fausset Cemetery, was Robert's youngest son. John continued in his father's footsteps and authored the biography which appears in the history titled above.  John K.'s farm residence is pictured on page 108 of the same book.

Above are stones for other Fausset family members: left to right, Jacob, Robert, son of John K., and Sidney.


Ann Taylor's pretty stone looks to be from the same stone cutter as Sidney's and Jacob's above.  Each is a tall, thick tablet, heavily incised with a rounded top and a wide variety of lettering fonts--an excellent example of mid Victorian funerary style. 

Ann was the wife of John W. Taylor; she died in 1862 at twenty-five years.  The roses symbolize love for the departed.


Below are the simpler stones for other early settlers along Lick Creek in Green Township. Top left, is that for Joshua, son of Joseph Chitwood, who died in 1843. His brown granite stone is quite legible when chalked.  Top right is for a child of the Wallace family who died in 1851.  Below are two stones for the wives of Jacob Hiday: left, Sarah who died in 1866 and right, Margaret who died in 1849.  While the latter is not listed on the burial record by some oversight, the Hidays were some of the very first settlers in all of Madison County.  (For more, go to the Hiday Cemetery page.)



ID Names Birth Date Death Date Cemetery
10439 CHITWOOD, JOSHUA 9M. 5D. SEP. 27, 1843 FAUSSET
10442 CHITWOOD, VIRGINIA 67Y. 10M. 1D. or 10D MAR. 23, 1884 FAUSSET
11822 COLLINS, RALPH W. FEB. 11, 1898 or 93 FEB. 12, 189_ or 93 FAUSSET
19292 FAUSET, ANNA AUG. 28, 1788 SEP. 24, 1840 FAUSSET
19293 FAUSET, ELIZABETH 75Y. 1M. 16D. MAR. 15, 1864 FAUSSET
19297 FAUSSET, JACOB 56Y. 4M. 12D. JAN. 16, 1867 FAUSSET
19298 FAUSSET, JANE ANN SEP. 10, 1839 DEC. 25, 1915 FAUSSET
19299 FAUSSET, JOHN K. OCT. 12, 1825 JAN. 25, 1902 FAUSSET
19300 FAUSSET, JOHN K. 62Y. 1M. 29D. OCT. 24, 1860 FAUSSET
19301 FAUSSET, KENNETH JUL. 10, 1870 MAY 26, 1871 FAUSSET
19303 FAUSSET, ROBERT 88Y. 9M. 1D. DEC. 15, 1873 FAUSSET
19302 FAUSSET, ROBERT 5Y. 3M. or 9M. 3D. AUG. 23, 1860 FAUSSET
19307 FAUSSETT, SIDNEY 33Y. 11M. 28D. AUG. 24, 1860 FAUSSET
28358 HIDAY, HARRY F. 1Y. 6M. 21D. AUG. 24, 1864 FAUSSET
28374 HIDAY, NOLA E. 1Y. 9M. 23D. AUG. 22, 1881 FAUSSET
28380 HIDAY, SARAH M. 33Y. 3M. 20D. DEC. 8, 1866 FAUSSET
28386 HIDAY, WALTER 2Y. 10M. 5D. JAN. 18, 1892 FAUSSET
53751 RUSSELL, JAMES 1Y. 5M. 19D. AUG. 11, 1856 FAUSSET
61708 TAYLOR, ANNA E. MAY 7, ???   FAUSSET