Pioneer Cemeteries and Their Stories,

Madison County, Indiana

Welborn Cemetery

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aka Welbourn

Pipe Creek Township

Location: east side of CR 600W, between CRs 1000N and 1100N

Once an isolated spot on a settler's farm, the Welborn is now visible to the surrounding Pipe Creek rural community.  The Welborn is also fortunate.  It, as the picture shows, is in the middle of several farmers' fields.  While many land owners have respect for the past, others do not.  The Welborn has not been plowed under as  a few other cemeteries in the county have.  The picture also shows the access lane from CR 600W.


Jackson Dwiggins' simplistic Victorian gravestone, to the right, shows the iron staples once used to make repairs.  Because of the corrosion involved as time passes, staples are no longer used.  Aluminum frames are now preferred for gravestone repairs.

One of the oldest settlers to the area is buried here, Van Simson, 1800-1874.  A possible relative, Magnus Samison, has a stone shown at left.


Civil War veterans' government markers are common throughout the rural pioneer cemeteries.  Jacob Stam's at left is in good condition.  Leonard Ingram's marker is surprisingly crisp and, although not of government issue, indicates that he was a casualty in the war between the states.  Even the poem at the bottom is legible. 


These two stones are of interest for different reasons.  The one on the left has been handmade perhaps because the family could not afford a professionally carved marker.  The well preserved stone on the right is for Hannah Welborn who died August 1, 1872, at "76Y 3M 24D" which makes her birthday around 1796.  


In the spring of 2008, the MCCC undertook a cleanup of the Welborn: a resetting of downed stones and fencing gating the perimeter.  Michael Fox's pillared marker, right, was one of those reset.  Perhaps the face had been buried in the ground when the reading of the stones for the burial list was done in the mid 1960s.  This would account for his omission from the list.  Michael Fox "died Nov. 16, 1876 aged 63 yrs..."

Many stone pieces were found that could not be attributed to each other or to an existing stone.  To solve this dilemma, contractor Larry Brown affixed them to cement in their own memorial, at left, in a neutral part of the cemetery.

This must be the top part of Eliza Johnson's broken stone.  "Eliza" is the only word left, and on the burial list below the only Eliza represented has the last name of Johnson.  At least her stone was complete when the transcription was done.  Eliza died January 13, 1863, when she was "38Y 1M 3D" old.  Her stone must have had a unique appearance since the flower, denoting love for the departed, is not a single rose, the sleeved arm and hand offering the flower/s is very detailed and may be resting on the bible, and the rounded top is decorated with a leaf motif.


This old family cemetery was used for burials into the 1940s.


ID Names Birth Date Death Date Cemetery
2239 BAKER, CHARLIE V. 4M. 9D. SEP. 7, 1884 WELBORN
18680 ETCHISON, FANNIE   ____. 22, 18__ WELBORN
18781 ETCHISON, ROBERT 1858 JUN. 8, 1905 WELBORN
23393 GOODMAN, CICEL 21D. OCT. 17, 1882 WELBORN
23397 GOODMAN, HANNAH E. 30Y. 3M. 28D. NOV. 10, 1892 WELBORN
23398 GOODMAN, HARRY V. 10M. 11D. NOV. 10, 1891 WELBORN
30218 HOWERTON, KENNETH 2Y. 1M. 21D. JUL. 9, 1890 WELBORN
31577 INGRAM, LEONARD 18Y. 11M. 18D. OCT. 12, 1864 WELBORN
32656 JOHNSON, ELIZA 38Y. 1M. 3D. JAN. 13, 1863 WELBORN
39284 MAGNI, SAMISON 34Y. 6M. 27D. APR. 8, 1881 WELBORN
40897 MCCLELAN, ROBERT 3M. 1D. SEP. 13, 1865 WELBORN
57133 SIMSON, VAN 74Y. 1M. APR. 7, 1874 WELBORN
59151 STAM, JACOB JUL. 6, 1838 MAR. 19, 1903 WELBORN
59158 STAMM, GEORGE W. OCT. 8, 1876 JAN. 5, 1909 WELBORN
59167 STAMM, MARY E. MAR. 8, 1886 DEC. 18, 1897 WELBORN
66043 WAYMIRE, MARTIN V. MAR. 29, 1849 MAY 21, 1924 WELBORN
66505 WELBORN, FRANK JAN. 18, 1870 AUG. 31, 1941 WELBORN
66510 WELBORN, HANNAH 76Y. 3M. 24D. AUG. 1, 1872 WELBORN
66514 WELBORN, JESSIE AUG. 13, 1882 APR. 1885 WELBORN
66516 WELBORN, JOHN F. 62Y. 2M. 2D. NOV. 9, 1892 WELBORN
66518 WELBORN, LEWIS MAY 22, 1817 SEP. 2, 1890 WELBORN
66520 WELBORN, MARY I. 36Y. 9M. 8D. NOV. 16, 1876 WELBORN
66521 WELBORN, MARY J. OCT. 12, 1856 SEP. 29, 1922 WELBORN
66531 WELBORN, SARAH F. 29Y. 1M. 10D. OCT. 11, 1869 WELBORN
66536 WELBORN, WILLIAM J. NOV. 23, 1839 NOV. 23, 1914 WELBORN
67396 WHITEMAN, BELLE S. JUL. 15, 1867 MAY 13, 1939 WELBORN
67399 WHITEMAN, FLORA E. 4M. 22D. NOV. 30, 1888 WELBORN
67417 WHITEMAN, SAMUEL A. 28Y. 11M. 28D. MAY 9, 1890 WELBORN
69318 WOOD, EMMA C. DEC. 29, 1877 JUL. 27, 1902 WELBORN