Pioneer Cemeteries and Their Stories,

Madison County, Indiana

Howard Cemetery

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aka Reason/Manis

Pipe Creek Township

Location: north side of CR 900N, between CRs 500W and 575W

Picturesque in its setting, the Howard Cemetery is visible from CR 900N.  It is situated on a beautiful hill next to the Etchison Ditch which eventually flows into Pipe Creek.  This pioneers' burial ground was started in the 1840s and continued to be used into the 20th century.  Family genealogists still place flowers on the graves of their ancestors here.

    The Howard Cemetery is the resting place for many of Pipe Creek Township's first settlers.  In 1834, Joseph Miller and family from Wayne County, Indiana, were close behind the Shells and Siglers in pioneering the farmland along Pipe Creek.  Actually arriving before any improved roads, Joseph, in fact, was the area's first blacksmith, an indispensable position among pioneers.

Before medical knowledge and improvements, women giving birth were among the most frequent casualties in the 19th century.  It was not uncommon for stalwart husbands to have in succession two or three wives.  "Isabella, Wife of Joseph Miller Died June 27, 1854 Aged 30 yrs. and his Infant's With her," explains that Joseph's wife and baby both died during childbirth. 

From the previous generation, possibly the father-in-law of Isabella, a Joseph Miller is listed below as dying in 1871 at eighty-six years old.  


    Henry Plummer is safe-guarded at the Howard as well.  He was born in Randolph County, North Carolina, in 1806.  He decided to homestead in Madison County in 1836, after having previously resided in Wayne and Rush counties.  Only five years after arriving, Henry started in local government, being elected as county commissioner in 1841.  He also served as township assessor and trustee.  Samuel Hardin, county historian from the 19th century, knew him personally:

    "Mr. Plummer is a  prominent member and exhorter in the Christian Church.  He is regarded as a number one man, plain and unassuming in his manners, and a Christian gentleman.  He resides two miles north of Frankton, where he owns a fine farm.  The writer first met him while gathering material for this work, when he tarried overnight with him and received the hospitalities of his family."

Although Henry Plummer does not have a stone memorial, his wife Perlina has a well preserved obelisk.  She was "64y 10m 18d" when she died February 10, 1875.  Henry died nine years later at seventy-seven years old according to the mid 20th century transcription of the grave markers at the Howard.


    Also represented here are the Johnson, Ebert, and King families, all of whom had members residing in the township before 1840.  The families of Tharp, Worley, Douglass, Hagerty, and Griffee, etc., soon followed.

Below right is the obelisk for settler Daniel King who was "55y 5m 21d" old when he died February 24, 1876.  Below left is the marker for younger relative Washington King who was twenty-two years old when he passed away in 1871. 

 Above left is the memorial for Isabel wife of Edmund Johnson.  The Edmund Johnson family is recorded as early homesteaders to Pipe Creek Township.  The clasped hands at the top represent the partnership of this married couple.  Isabel was born February 23, 1812, and died August 23, 1870. 

Above right is the large base for Dr. William H. Ebert.  The importance of medical professionals in an agricultural community cannot be overstated.  The "good doctor" must have been influential spiritually as well since on the side of his stone is the symbol for the bible. Dr. Ebert died December 19, 1896, when he was seventy-nine years old.  A "W.H. Ebbert" is listed as an early settler.


Pipe Creek Township was indeed fortunate.  It had a second doctor in this immediate area.  While the original column completing this monument has fallen off, the base still proclaims "Dr. Robert R. Douglass."  Since he died May 23, 1863, one has to wonder if perhaps he was in the Civil War and died as a result of military conflict.


The large Tharp family is well-represented here.  "Francis wife of Smith Tharp" still has a beautiful stone from the 1850s.  George W. and Martha A., children of John and Minerva Tharp, have a combined gravestone, maybe because they died only one day apart.  The inscription at the bottom is also remarkably preserved.


The Worley family has some of the earliest legible stones in the entire cemetery.  William, left, died in "April 10, 1848," and son James has a stone that clearly states that he "died Aug. 22, 1848, aged 1yr. 6m. & 27d."


    Although not listed as early settlers, Aaron and Elizabeth Pickenpaugh must be the oldest couple having legible gravestones at the time the transcriptions for this cemetery were made. 

Aaron, below left, died October 30, 1866, at "70y 3m 4d," making his birth year around 1796.  Elizabeth, center left, was born around 1795 since she died January 31, 1864, at sixty-nine years of age.  From the next generation, Henry Pickenpaugh, far right, is recorded on the burial list below.  Possibly a son, he died five months before Aaron and was forty-one years old.  William, center right, has a stone that, other than the name, is illegible.



The harsh pioneer life certainly took its toll on the female members of families.  Many of the well-preserved gravestones in this cemetery are for women.  One of the earliest is that for Minervia Ridegway, left, who died January 4, 1849.  Another woman who died in her twenties was Sophia Messner, right.  By contrast in the middle, Sarah Allen, who died March 24, 1857, lived to be sixty years old; she was born around 1797.


The three stones below illustrate the high death rate of children during the 19th century.  The average rate was one out of four.  When disease was more prevalent, one out of three died.  Omitted from the burial list by some oversight, at left is the stone for "Phebe J. Dau. of Thomas & M. Halpin died Jan. 31, 1865..." and at right "Nancy E. dau. of W & S.A. Denney died Mar. 1, 1862..."  Center is the stone of another child of the Denney couple.  James M. is recorded as passing away  "Feb. 8, 1861."  He was just eleven days old.  The lamb at the top of the Denney stones symbolizes the innocent young.  Sometimes only the stones for the children who have died represent the family who attempted homesteading in an area from which the parents later moved on.  No Halpin or Denney adult is known to be buried at this cemetery.


Mary's pretty Victorian stone represents her well.  She was the daughter of Emmanuel and Barbary O??--another couple who is not recorded as buried here.  Mary died March 28, 1860.  At the top, the rose represents love for the departed.  The curved letter fonts are also typical of the Victorian era.


These worn stones are for two young adults, one from the Griffee family and one from the Hagerty.  Left is the almost indiscernible monument for "Mary E. wife of Oliver Griffee died Nov. 2, 1868 aged 20y 9m 5d."  The transcription of gravestones, done in mid 20th century by a committee of the Madison County Historical Society, is indeed invaluable.  Samuel Hagerty's stone, right, can be read as to name, death date and age.  The three lines in the middle, though, are indecipherable--alas.


    The burial ground, itself, is fortunate: it is well-preserved with many stones from the 1840s and '50s still intact.  This is in spite of the fact that it has not been protected by a modern cemetery association, business, or church.  The Howard is a jewel among pioneer cemeteries.  Its pristine condition is to the credit of surrounding land owners and the township trustees.

The stone for Thomas Wood, right, is still sharply incised. Born around 1804, Thomas lived to be "91y 8m 29d."  His wife is buried beside him. 

The picture, left, is looking east with the Etchison Ditch to the left.


Beautiful in any season, the well-kept Howard takes its name from Samuel Howard who purchased this land in section 30 after arriving in 1835.  D. Manis owned the land in 1876, and so the cemetery was later referred to by that name.  The line of trees in the background borders the steep bank of the Etchison Ditch.


ID Names Birth Date Death Date Cemetery
597 ALEXANDER, MOLLIE M. JAN. 3, 1877 MAY 3, 1898 HOWARD
812 ALLEN, MARTHA J. 15Y. 4M. 2D. JAN. 19, 1875 HOWARD
842 ALLEN, ROSA A.C. 1889 1896 HOWARD
850 ALLEN, SARAH   MAR. 21, 1857 HOWARD
878 ALLEN, WILLIE 7Y. 9M. 7D. MAY 29, 1875 HOWARD
8987 CAMPBELL, MARGARET E. 37Y. 2M. 20D. JAN. 25, 1868 HOWARD
10032 CHALFANT, SARAH M. 24Y. 2M. 24D. MAR. 2, 1880 HOWARD
11886 COMBS, ELVESTA G.   MAY 25, 1875 HOWARD
12903 COVERSTON, MARY C. 1Y. 1D. APR. 2, 1860 HOWARD
12996 COX, ELIJAH MAR. 30, 1817 JAN. 10, 1894 HOWARD
13001 COX, ELIZABETH SEP. 29, 1825 APR. 13, 1888 HOWARD
15867 DENNY, JAMES M. 11D. FEB. 8, 1861 HOWARD
16736 DOUGLASS, ROBERT R. (DR.) DEC. 29, 1816 MAY 23, 1863 HOWARD
17575 EAST, CHARLES APR. 9, 1836 SEP. 12, 1915 HOWARD
17579 EAST, ELIZABETH 66Y. 7M. 15D. NOV. 2, 1881 HOWARD
17587 EAST, JOHN 87Y. 2M. 25D. JUN. 11, 1883 HOWARD
17591 EAST, LORENA 10Y. 1M. 22D. NOV. 31, 1892 HOWARD
17595 EAST, MATTIE MYRTLE FEB. 1, 1884 JAN. 18, 1903 HOWARD
17670 EBERT, ________ JAN. 18, 1890 OCT. 23, 1893 HOWARD
17669 EBERT, ________ 1Y. NOV. 7, 1872 HOWARD
17687 EBERT, HESTER 29Y. 7M. 18D. AUG. 3, 1879 HOWARD
17690 EBERT, JENNIE 1Y. 7M. MAR. 18, 1876 HOWARD
17700 EBERT, OSHA M. JAN. 4, 1901 JUN. 12, 1902 HOWARD
17705 EBERT, WALDO E. NOV. 24, 1837 OCT. 25, 1893 HOWARD
17707 EBERT, WILLIAM H. DR. 79Y. 10M. 12D. DEC. 19, 1896 HOWARD
17708 EBERT, XINNA M. (JONES) 30Y. 5M. 14D. AUG. 10, 1890 HOWARD
18703 ETCHISON, HENRY W. FEB. 2, 1843 MAR. 13, 1906 HOWARD
18794 ETCHISON, WALTER E. 11M. 5D. DEC. 2, 1866 HOWARD
22274 GARRISON, SARAH 52Y. 7M. 11D. APR. 4, 1881 HOWARD
23392 GOODMAN, ARLIE 2Y. 27 ? SEP. 27, 1880 HOWARD
23631 GOVERSTON, MARY E. 1Y. 1D. APR. 2, 1860 HOWARD
24214 GRIFFEE, JULIA A. 77Y. JAN. 1, 1897 HOWARD
24216 GRIFFEE, MARY E. 20Y. 9M. 5D. NOV. 2, 1868 HOWARD
24219 GRIFFEE, SAMUEL 77Y. DEC. 8, 1887 HOWARD
24221 GRIFFEE, WILLIAM D. 20Y. 10M. 19D. MAY 14, 1879 HOWARD
24986 HAGERTY, HANNAH OCT. 21, 1790 FEB. 19, 1853 HOWARD
24987 HAGERTY, JOHN B. SEP. 20, 1787 SEP. 8, 1850 HOWARD
24990 HAGERTY, SAMUEL D. AUG. 2, 1828 OCT. 25, 1854 HOWARD
25714 HANKINS, KISH 1870 1902 HOWARD
25996 HARDY, SARAH 60Y. 2M. 15D. APR. 21, 1876 HOWARD
26408 HARRIS, SALOMA L. 2Y. 4M. 29D. APR. 30, 1872 HOWARD
29236 HOLDER, JACOB 62Y. MAR. 5, 1875 HOWARD
29241 HOLDER, NANCY 66Y. 11M. 12D. NOV. 16, 1893 HOWARD
30146 HOWARD, LOUISA E. 46Y. 11M. 27D. JUN. 8, 1875 HOWARD
31218 HURST, ALIDA 1891 1898 HOWARD
31221 HURST, BENNET 13Y. SEP. 5, 1852 HOWARD
31227 HURST, FRANCIS E. 23Y. 11M. 13D. MAR. 10, 1860 HOWARD
31229 HURST, GEORGE W. 21Y. 8M. 23D. JUN. 1, 1861 HOWARD
31238 HURST, MARTIN V. 10Y. 2M. 20D. AUG. 30, 1861 HOWARD
31244 HURST, SABRINA 83Y. 2M. 7D. FEB. 6, 1894 HOWARD
31245 HURST, SARAH J. 17Y. 1M. 26D. JUN. 11, 1866 HOWARD
32487 JOBB, MARY ANN 15Y. 11M. 27D. AUG. 20, 1873 HOWARD
32488 JOBE, A. J. 17 IND INF CO G   HOWARD
32573 JOHNSON, (INFANT DAU.)   JUN. 25, 1855 HOWARD
32646 JOHNSON, EDMUND OCT. 12, 1812 AUG. 12, 1878 HOWARD
32719 JOHNSON, ISABEL FEB. 23, 1812 AUG. 23, 1870 HOWARD
32824 JOHNSON, NANCY 12Y. 11M. 11D. DEC. 5, 1849 HOWARD
33026 JONES, AVIE C. 1888 1889 HOWARD
33652 JORE, CATHERINE 1839 1919 HOWARD
33653 JORE, FRANCIS M. 1838 1897 HOWARD
34940 KING, ARENDA J. 29Y. 8M. 17D. JAN. 29, 1879 HOWARD
34955 KING, CHARLOTTE 2Y. 4M. SEP. 29, 1869 HOWARD
34966 KING, DANIEL 55Y. 5M. 21D. FEB. 24, 1876 HOWARD
35019 KING, JOSEPH J. 19Y. 8M. 29D. SEP. 3, 1870 HOWARD
35049 KING, OZRO 8Y. 8M. MAY 5, 1871 HOWARD
35058 KING, REBECCA 31Y. 6M. 5D. AUG. 21, 1853 HOWARD
35066 KING, SARAH MAY 19, 1777 JAN. 14, 1872 HOWARD
35067 KING, SARAH 2M. OCT. 2, 1853 HOWARD
35075 KING, THOMAS 47Y. 19D. MAY 21, 1864 HOWARD
35082 KING, WASHINGTON 22Y. 1M. 16D. APR. 21, 1871 HOWARD
35095 KING, WILLIAM SOLON 2M. 29D. APR. 11, 1857 HOWARD
38317 LITTLE, CHARLOTTE 41Y. 1M. 14D. DEC. 22, 1886 HOWARD
42684 MESSNER, GEORGE C. 2M. 12D. AUG. 13, 1801 HOWARD
42686 MESSNER, SOPHIA 26Y. 2M. 19D. JUL. 1, 1863 HOWARD
43048 MILLER, ELIZABETH 20Y. 12D. AUG. 22, 1849 HOWARD
43129 MILLER, ISABELLA 30Y. JUN. 27, 1851 HOWARD
43165 MILLER, JOSEPH 86Y. ?M. 10D. MAY 9, 1871 HOWARD
43242 MILLER, MINOR W. 1Y. 6M. 22D. SEP. 28, 1859 HOWARD
43350 MILLER, WILLIAM R. 16Y. 2M. 22D. FEB. 28, 1849 HOWARD
46966 ONEAL, (INFANT SON) 1D. MAY 15, 1855 HOWARD
46969 O'NEAL, DAVID 2Y. 6M. 4D. SEP. 30, 1847 HOWARD
46975 O'NEAL, MELVILLE 10M. 18D. SEP. 4, 1854 HOWARD
47370 OWENS, MARY J. MILLER 1836 1894 HOWARD
47641 PARKER, CHARITY 61Y. 2M. 4D. APR. 19, 1864 HOWARD
47676 PARKER, JAMES 70Y. 9M. 4D. NOV. 4, 1862 HOWARD
48419 PERDIEU, MARY LOUISA 7Y. 8M. 2D. SEP. 19, 1849 HOWARD
48973 PICKENPAUGH, AARON 70Y. 3M. 14D. OCT. 30, 1866 HOWARD
48976 PICKENPAUGH, HENRY 41Y. 3M. 2D. MAY 1, 1866 HOWARD
49277 PLUMMER, HENRY 77Y. 11M. 26D. MAY 4, 1884 HOWARD
49294 PLUMMER, PERLINA 64Y. 10M. 18D. FEB. 10, 1875 HOWARD
51067 REEDER, CYNTHIA 88Y. 1M. 17D. AUG. 3, 1894 HOWARD
51071 REEDER, ENOCH 42Y. 6M. 29D. AUG. 6, 1856 HOWARD
51082 REEDER, JOHNATHAN 71Y. 23D. DEC. 20, 1877 HOWARD
51999 RIDGEWAY, MINERVIA 23Y. 6M. 23D. JAN. 4, 1849 HOWARD
52005 RIDOEWAY, MARY ELLEN 1Y. 1M. 10D. DEC. 14, 1859 HOWARD
52260 RING, (INFANT DAU.)   JUL. 1850 HOWARD
52259 RING, (INFANT DAU.)   APR. 1846 HOWARD
52261 RING, (INFANT DAU.)   JUN. 16, 1861 HOWARD
52270 RING, E. W. 69Y. 1M. 26D. DEC. 2, 1890 HOWARD
52272 RING, ELIJAH 1M. 27D. JUN. 11, 1854 HOWARD
52274 RING, ELLA S. 17Y. 1M. 14D. APR. 11, 1880 HOWARD
52276 RING, JAMES E. MAY 22, 1818 OCT. 26, 1898 HOWARD
52283 RING, JONATHAN 6M. & FEB. 25, 185_ HOWARD
52284 RING, JOSEPH C. 1Y. 16D. SEP. 5, 1849 HOWARD
52288 RING, MAGGIE 2Y. 17D. SEP. 13, 1871 HOWARD
52289 RING, MALVINA MAY 27, 1826 SEP. 7, 1899 HOWARD
52291 RING, MARY   APR. 2, 1859 HOWARD
52295 RING, MARY EVANGELINE JUN. 6, 1841 AUG. 31, 1852 HOWARD
52296 RING, MARY J. 28Y. 8M. `19D. FEB. 7, 1864 HOWARD
52302 RING, SOPHIA 40Y. 2M. 17D. MAY 2, 1864 HOWARD
52309 RING, WILLIAM F. 4Y. 4M. 10D. AUG. 14, 1868 HOWARD
56279 SHIPLEY, CAROLINE 1M. 10D. AUG. 15, 1855 HOWARD
56280 SHIPLEY, CASANDER 3Y. 4M. 19D. NOV. 20, 1859 HOWARD
56297 SHIPLEY, JOHN T. 5Y. 1M. 11D. FEB. 18, 1852 HOWARD
56299 SHIPLEY, LEAH FEB. 9, 1821 APR. 10, 1896 HOWARD
56310 SHIPLEY, NELSON APR. 2, 1813 APR. 29, 1902 HOWARD
56314 SHIPLEY, SAMUEL 55Y. 11M. 11D. NOV. 8, 1865 HOWARD
56316 SHIPLEY, SARAH F. 7Y. 5M. 3D. SEP. 6, 1853 HOWARD
56318 SHIPLEY, SYNTYCHE 19Y. 9M. 14D. JUL. 2, 1842 HOWARD
56321 SHIPLEY, WILLIAM W. 6Y. 10M. 6D. NOV. 22, 1859 HOWARD
56917 SILVEY, RENA B. 1885   HOWARD
56926 SILVEY, WILLIAM E. 1857 1894 HOWARD
58032 SMITH, MARTHA M. 59Y. 7M. 5D. OCT. 9, 1899 HOWARD
61879 TAYLOR, RATHBONE 1Y. 11M. 6D. SEP. 11, 1856 HOWARD
62126 THARP, ANNA 36Y. 3M. 22D. FEB. 18, 1847 HOWARD
62135 THARP, CHARLEY 7Y. 5M. 20D. APR. 26, 1877 HOWARD
62147 THARP, GEORGE W. 5Y. 7M. 20D. APR. 18, 1856 HOWARD
62150 THARP, JAMES 84Y. 3M. 26D. MAR. 14, 1888 HOWARD
62165 THARP, MARTHA A. 3Y. 10M. 11D. APR. 19, 1856 HOWARD
62181 THARP, WASHINGTON 24Y. 5M. APR. 12, 1856 HOWARD
62182 THARP, WILLIAM H.P. 1Y. JUL. 15, 1868 HOWARD
63266 TOWNSEND, IDA M. 11M. 29D. DEC. 8, 187_ HOWARD
63277 TOWNSEND, SAAG 71Y. 11M. 2D. JUL. 2, 1887 HOWARD
66041 WAYMIRE, LYDIA 65Y. 7M. 22D. JUL. 8, 1881 HOWARD
66419 WEELER, ELIZABETH DEC. 1, 1819 OCT. 31, 1881 HOWARD
69282 WOOD, ANNE 62Y. AUG. 23, 1876 HOWARD
69397 WOOD, THOMAS 91Y. 8M. 29D. OCT. 14, 1895 HOWARD
69628 WORLEY, HENRY CALBERT 25Y. 7M. 20D. MAY 2, 1877 HOWARD
69632 WORLEY, JAMES 32Y. 8M. 28D. SEP. 22, 1854 HOWARD
69633 WORLEY, JAMES MARKS 1Y. 10M. 17D. OCT. 8, 1855 HOWARD
69639 WORLEY, LUCINDA FEB. 6, 1848 JAN. 27, 1901 HOWARD
69649 WORLEY, WILLIAM 6Y. 16D. OCT. 16, 1855 HOWARD
69648 WORLEY, WILLIAM 30Y. 8D. APR. 10, 1848 HOWARD