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Cottrell Cemetery Rededication

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Cottrell Cemetery Rededication Ceremonies

Sunday, May 21, 2006



    After seven year of reclamation efforts (go to the Cottrell Cemetery and the Cottrell Restoration pages for the complete story), MCCC members, Green Township Trustee Greg Valentine, Paul Wilson of the Madison County Board of Commissioners, Cottrell descendants, and local residents enjoyed an afternoon of excellent weather, celebration and ceremony, music and ministry, color and cannons.  Madison County certainly knows how to rededicate a cemetery!

One of the wives, left, of an 1812 re-enactor came dressed in period costume also, and the wife of the Civil War re-enactor did likewise, adding color and authentic bits of history to the ceremonies.  The turnout for this event was excellent with Cottrell descendants, county and township officials, and local residents as can be seen in the background.



 Introduction, Ranny Simmons,

            Madison County Cemetery Commission Chairperson

Remarks from Paul Wilson,

              Madison County Board of Commissioners

Left to right, Ranny Simmons, Paul Wilson, Richard Kreegar spoke at the beginning of the ceremonies.

Brief History of the Cottrell Cemetery, Melody Hull,

              Madison County Cemetery Commission Secretary

Remarks from Richard Kreegar, Cottrell Descendant

 Melody Hull presented an overview of the Cottrell's many stories.



Pledge of Allegiance, Greg Valentine,

    Green Township Trustee


Eulogy, Pastor Tim Wilbur, Sr.,

    Pendleton Methodist Church


At right, Pastor Tim Wilbur eulogized those buried at the Cottrell.




Recognition of War of 1812 Veteran: John Cottrell—

  War of 1812 Re-Enactors


 For War of 1812 veteran John Cottrell, 1771-1855, re-enactors were present complete

 with working cannon.  Their colorful uniforms and firing drills stole the show.

 They fired three shots, and after each the theft alarms in half of the cars parked nearby

blared a rhythmic response. The crowd loved it.


Recognition of Civil War Veterans:

  William Cottrell

  Samuel P. Cottrell

  Thomas J. Cottrell

  John Hunter

  Melville Hunter

  Washington Hunter

  W. J. Lewis

  William Scott—

  Civil War Re-Enactor



Russ Willis read each veteran's name, and a descendant placed a flag in front of the veteran's stone. A local Civil War re-enactor fired a round for each veteran from that conflict.



Color Guard Remembrance of All Veterans and Men and Women   Buried in the Cottrell Cemetery—V. F. W., Post 266


Taps, V. F. W., Post 266


“Amazing Grace,” Highland High School Bagpiper


Closing, Ranny Simmons



Left to right, Paul Wilson, Madison County Board of Commissions; Russ Willis, Ranny Simmons, and Melody Hull,  Madison County Cemetery Commission; Greg Valentine, Green Township Trustee; John Brundage, former chairperson MCCC.